The life and contributions of ernesto cortes

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The life and contributions of ernesto cortes

Insights from community leaders Abstract Leadership has been described as having a moral purpose.

The life and contributions of ernesto cortes

This paper argues that theoretical insights from ethical leadership theory and empowerment theory are useful for understanding the work of community leaders. Community leaders tend to be people who are known mainly to their immediate community, work in a voluntary capacity and are committed to a particular goal or cause.

The paper begins by referring to Starratt s framework that comprises three inter-related ethics: It then explores insights from empowerment theory since it is argued that it has some strong connections to ethical leadership. Central to both perspectives is the notion of relationships and power to where power is shared and where people work together for change.

Based on interviews with nine grassroots voluntary community leaders, this paper contributes to the limited research in the community leadership field by understanding more fully their values, beliefs and leadership practices.

It is argued that the insights of ethical leadership and empowerment theory are highly relevant to explain their work and practice. The paper concludes by discussing some implications for leaders in educational settings.

Insights from community leaders Introduction In recent years, there has been heightened recognition that leadership has a moral purpose Duignan, ; Fullan, ; Sergiovanni,; Starratt, with the core values of leaders determining how they act Sergiovanni, For Sergiovannimoral leadership has close connections to servant leadership which involves serving others but its ultimate purpose is to place oneself, and others for whom one has responsibility, in the service of ideals p.

While Starratt distinguishes between the two terms, morality and ethicshe claims that they can be used to mean the same thing when characterizing the work of leaders.

He says, ethics is the study of what constitutes a moral life [while] morality is the living, acting out of ethical beliefs and commitments p. In recent work by Starratt, he refers to three core relational and inter-connected virtues of ethical leadership and these are responsibility, authenticity and presence.

By responsibility, Starratt argues that leaders are responsible as human beings, as administrators, and as citizens. They are responsible to students, teachers and others in the school community and responsible for creating effective relationships and a healthy organizational environment.

Authentic refers to leaders who are true to themselves and who are in mutually affirming relationships with others p. Presence means a full awareness of self and other It implies being close, being toward, being for. He argues that leaders require a moral commitment to others based on these three core virtues.

McAfee describes them as leaders who are advocates for the most vulnerable in society, while Burgmann and Swain see that community leaders are those who participate in more mainstream community projects.

Schultz and Galbraith s view is that community leadership can come from many people such as volunteers and at different times so that community leaders can enter and re-enter leadership roles as the need arises. Community leadership, then, refers to leadership that is exercised in, for, and by persons within a community.

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For instance, a community of interest refers to a collection of people who work together for a particular cause or to improve a particular issue.

Over the last decade, on-line communities using a variety of technologies, such as internet and email, have grown in popularity and enabled people from all around the world participate in a range of global causes.

This paper begins by exploring Starratt s ethical leadership framework followed by a discussion of the construct, empowerment since it has connections to Starratt s work. It uses these theoretical insights to interpret the values and leadership practices of nine community leaders.

The paper concludes by identifying some implications for educational leaders. Emerging from the findings, it poses several questions for educational leaders to contemplate. Although this framework was developed with educational leaders in mind, it is argued here that it has relevance to the work of community leaders.

According to Starrattan ethic of care refers to a standpoint of absolute regard for the value of individuals. At its heart is the importance of relationships with others evident by an active concern for life and the growth of that which love Fromm,p. Noddingsan author who has made a strong contribution to the field of an ethics of care, maintains that it requires each of us to recognize our own frailty and to bring out the best in one another p.Life expectancy—male years; female 77 Toltecs, and Aztecs existed long before the Spanish conquest.

Hernando Cortes conquered Mexico during the period and founded a Spanish colony that lasted nearly years.

Early life and education Ocasio-Cortez was born in The Bronx, New York City, on October 13, , to Blanca Ocasio-Cortez (née Cortez) and Sergio Ocasio. [12] Her father, an architect of Puerto Rican descent, was born in the Bronx, while her mother was born in Puerto Rico. Students need to take responsibility for their education and take an active part in the classroom, making their contributions to the class, and interaction with peers, . 2 Leading with moral purpose: Insights from community leaders Introduction In recent years, there has been heightened recognition that leadership has a moral purpose (Duignan, ; Fullan, ; Sergiovanni, , ; Starratt, ) with the core values of leaders determining how they act (Sergiovanni, ).

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Lisbonne: ville ouverte / Patrick Straumann. After his great contributions, Ernesto Che Guevara was awarded the Cuba citizenship. This decision was supported by Cuban people. After the new revolutionary government was established, he was chosen as one of the three leaders (Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Raul Castro) of this country.

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