The harm done by ralph nader on the green party during the 2000 presidential elections

October 17,at Washington University in Saint LouisMissouri [49] There was also one vice-presidential debate:

The harm done by ralph nader on the green party during the 2000 presidential elections

Sanders going to stop attacks that hurt Democrats that we need up and down the ticket? Benenson was just stepping up the scare campaign to get Democrats to vote for the lesser evil now. It was Al Gore and the Democratic Party strategists he chose to pursue the fight for votes in Florida, where Bush held only the slimmest margin of victory at the end of Election Day.

By failing to wage a campaign to count all the votes in Florida and call attention to widespread voter disenfranchisement before the election, Gore allowed Bush to "win" the state by a margin of votes out of 6 million cast--or a miniscule.

Al Gore won the national popular vote by more than ,but the result in the Electoral College, which actually determines the winner, came down to the outcome in Florida. Bush stole the election in Florida--and thereby stole the White House. The certification of that result took an intervention by the U.

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Supreme Court to halt the ongoing recount in Florida that was netting additional votes for Gore with each passing day. This provided an opening to Supreme Court justices to halt the recount--on the basis that it failed to provide "equal protection" to voters in the other counties.

Even Buchanan--whose 3, votes in Palm Beach were around 2, more than he received in any other county --acknowledged that many of those votes had been cast for him by mistake. After the stories of thousands of Black voters who showed up to vote and were denied began to filter out after the election, journalist Greg Palast investigated how the purge was carried out: Michaels, or even J.

A Black felon named Mr. Green would only knock off a Black Mr. Green, but not a single white Mr. As a result of the settlement, the company that the Florida legislature entrusted with the purge--the Boca Raton—based Database Technologies DBT --ran the names on its purge list using stricter criteria.

No one could ever determine precisely how many voters who were incorrectly labeled felons were turned away from the polls.

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Civil Rights Commission launched a major investigation into the election fiasco, and its acting general counsel, Edward Hailes, did the math the best that he could.

In addition to purge of African Americans from the rolls, there were many other dirty tricks to limit Black voter turnout. As I reported at the time: Jai Howard, vice president of the student government.

Nobody seems to remember that Gore won the popular vote. It was only in the Electoral College--designed in the 18th century to ensure outsized influence for slaveholding Southern states--and the U. Supreme Court where Bush got more votes than Gore.

The harm done by ralph nader on the green party during the 2000 presidential elections

First, it exonerates Gore himself, who ran a lackluster campaign that failed to win even his home state of Tennessee. Even more fundamentally, the very charge of "spoiler" assumes that the Democratic Party is somehow entitled to the votes of anyone to the left of center--and that giving voters the opportunity to cast a ballot for someone they want to is a recipe for "spoiling" the election.The presidential campaign of Ralph Nader, political activist, author, lecturer and attorney, began on February 21, He cited "a crisis of democracy" as motivation to run.

[1] He ran in the United States presidential election as the nominee of the Green Party. The United States presidential election of was the 54th quadrennial Democratic candidate Al Gore, the incumbent Vice President. Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton wa.

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The argument is that: By voting for a third party is a vote in favor of the one of the two party candidates that you would not have voted for. Ex: Ross Perot (reform party) & elections Ralph Nader (green party) & The United States presidential election of was the 54th quadrennial presidential election.

It was held on Tuesday, November 7, It was held on Tuesday, November 7, Republican candidate George W. Bush, the Governor of Texas and the eldest son of the 41st President George H. W.

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Bush, won the election by defeating Democratic Turnout: % pp. Nov 11,  · All polling studies that were done, for both the and the U.S. Presidential elections, indicated that Nader drained at least 2 to 5 times as .

Jul 04,  · I recommend the new documentary about Ralph Nader, which was recently shown on PBS television, ‘An Unreasonable Man‘. Its primary focus is on Nader’s argument for having run in the and presidential elections despite the alleged harm done to the Democratic Party candidates.

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