Teaching foreign languages to young learners essay

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Teaching foreign languages to young learners essay

In particular, Wright focuses on cases relating to segregation, the right of communities to teach their native languages to children, and the linguistic and education needs of ELLs.

For information about Plyler vs. Doe, which gives all children a right to a free, public education regardless of immigration status, see this related resource section.

Important Court Decisions and Legislation Historical reluctance by many states throughout the country to provide equitable educational opportunities to ELL and other minority students and controversies over the use of languages other than English in public schools have sparked a large number of lawsuits that address these issues.

The court decisions that grew out of these lawsuits have led to legislative changes that have helped to shape the policy climate of today.

Teaching English to Young Learners Essay Sample

In this section we briefly review some of these cases and related legislation. First, however, we must consider the 14th Amendment to the U. This amendment, ratified in after the Civil War, declares in part: Addressing Segregation Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v.

Board of Education In the U. Supreme Court issued its now infamous decision in Plessy v. Ferguson that "separate but equal" public facilities, including school systems, are constitutional.

Although the decision was related to the segregation of African American students, in many parts of the country Native American, Asian, and Hispanic students were also routinely segregated.

Teaching foreign languages to young learners essay

The Supreme Court unanimously reversed Plessy v. Ferguson 58 years later in in Brown v. Independent School District v. Westminster School District A few lesser known lower-level cases concerning the segregation of Hispanic student predate Brown.

In Independent School District v. SalvatierraMexican American parents in the small border town of Rio, Texas, brought suit against the school district over segregation.

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The court sided with the school district that argued the segregation was necessary to teach the students English. This argument did not hold, however, for two similar cases in California: Westminster School District Like Plessy, Brown v.

Board of Education focused on the segregation of African American students. But by ruling that states are responsible for providing "equal educational opportunities" for all students, Brown made bilingual education for ELLs more feasible.

Guey Heung Lee v. Johnson and Johnson v. San Francisco Unified School District In some instances, however, desegregation efforts made it more difficult. In San Francisco, for example, Chinese Americans fought a desegregation order that would force students out of neighborhood schools that provided bilingual English-Chinese programs for newcomer Chinese ELL students.

The Chinese community took the case to court in in Guey Heung Lee v.

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Johnson, and it was appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Johnson v. San Francisco Unified School District. Inthe court ruled against the Chinese community, declaring simply Brown applies to races. Despite significant progress in the half century since Brown, the practice of segregation in public schools remains widespread Kozol, School districts that provide bilingual education and ESL programs constantly struggle to balance the need for separate classes where the unique needs of ELL students can be addressed against the need to avoid prolonged segregation of ELLs from other students.O-Hayo Sensei, a free, twice-monthly newsletter, is the world's oldest and largest jobs-in-japan publication.

Each issue of O-Hayo Sensei researches and lists + currently available teaching (and other English language-related) p. Teaching with Harry Potter: Essays on Classroom Wizardry from Elementary School to College Paperback – February 21, While children are young, they should be provided with those techniques by starting at the beginning: foreign language.

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Children should learn a foreign language at the elementary school level. Learning a foreign language trains children to be attentive listeners. Listen and Read Along - Text with Audio - For ESL Students - For Learning English.

Therefore, this essay aims to integrate the different aspects that take part in how young learners acquire language skills, with special focus on English as a Foreign Language, different learning styles and classroom management, and their implications to effective teaching and the roles teachers play in learning acquisition.

Paul Nation's other books on vocabulary are: Teaching Vocabulary: Strategies and Techniques () Heinle Cengage Learning, Boston; Researching and Analyzing Vocabulary () (with Stuart Webb) Heinle Cengage Learning, Boston; Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (Cambridge University Press, second edition); and Making and Using Word Lists in Language Learning and Teaching .

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