Response to nuns priest tale

The host upholds the knight's complaint and orders the monk to change his story. The monk refuses, saying he has no lust to pleye, and so the Host calls on the Nun's Priest to give the next tale. There is no substantial depiction of this character in Chaucer's General Prologuebut in the tale's epilogue the Host is moved to give a highly approving portrait which highlights his great physical strength and presence.

Response to nuns priest tale

Summary Analysis A poor widow lives a simple life in a little cottage with her two daughters. Her greatest possession is her noble rooster, Chaunticleer, who is the best singer in the land. Chaunticleer crows the time more accurately than the church clocks.

His coxcomb is red as coral, his beak black as jet, and his feathers shine like burnished gold. Chaunticleer has seven hens, and his favorite is the lovely Pertelote.

The most direct source text of the Tale is a fable by Marie de France. Although it appears to be a simple animal fable with a moral, the Tale ends up being much more complicated, with lots of allusions and plot twists.

Active Themes One morning, Chaunticleer awakens from a terrible nightmare. He tells Pertelote that a savage, reddish, beast was about to swallow him. Pertelote chides him, saying that she cannot love such a coward.

Response to nuns priest tale

The Roman philosopher Cato, she says, tells men not to be scared of dreams. She says that the dream comes from some physical melancholy and urges him to take a laxative to get rid of this black bile. Chaunticleer and Pertelote argue over the correct interpretation of dreams, each citing literary authorities to back up their claims.

Pertelote says that bad dreams are simply a physical reaction and that Chaunticleer should just take some medicine to set his humors in order. Active Themes Chaunticleer argues that men of even greater authority than Cato argue that dreams are extremely important.

Chaunticleer continues to cite many books and legends that tell about men who have portentous dreams, referring to Macrobius, Scipio, Joseph, and Croesus, among others.

Chaunticleer cites many different textual sources to prove to Pertelote that dreams are matters that should be taken seriously. He uses complex literary allusions to make his point.

The Nun's Priest's Tale

He then makes love to Pertelote. The Wife of Bath, probably, isn't a fan of this tale. One day in May, just as Chaunticleer has declared his perfect happiness, an inexplicable wave of sorrow comes over him.

That very night, Russell the fox comes into the yard and lies in wait till morning. By taking noble concepts and ideas and putting them in mouths of chickens and foxes, the tale suggests that perhaps these high ideas, or those who talk about them, are not as noble or serious as they seem.

Active Themes The next morning, Chaunticleer is watching a butterfly when he sees the fox watching him. Terrified, the cock is about to run away, but the sweet-talking fox flatters him. Chaunticleer puffs out his chest, beats his wings, closes his eyes, and stretches out his throat, and just as he begins to sing, Russell darts out and grabs him by the throat.

Chaunticleer is the best singer in the barnyard, and the fox crafts his own sort of song to coax the rooster to lose his focus.The Nun's Priest's Tale; The Nun’s Priest’s Tale. Who tells the Nun'n Priest's tale? the priest traveling with the prioress. How many priests were there orignially?

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Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale The Host, praises the tale as "myrie", and then, as he did with the Monk, suggests that the Nun's Priest would be an excellent breeding man (trede-foul) if only he were allowed to breed - for the Nun's Priest, the Host continues, is brawny, with a great neck and large chest.

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