Research paper hr practices

There are many drivers of organisational change. Many organisations are in flux: This is particularly true during times of significant economic uncertainty, for example following the vote by the UK to leave the EU - see our Brexit hub. In the wake of financial pressures, recent corporate scandals and greater public scrutiny, organisations are developing a more balanced view of their stakeholders, and taking account of a greater range of considerations beyond financial in making decisions.

Research paper hr practices

The collection of free sample research projects and research project examples on any topics, disciplines. Free research projects, research papers and research proposals for high school, college, University, Master's and PhD students. The purpose of the article was to acquire a deeper insight into those forces that determine and condition specific HRM practices in MNC subsidiaries and the main research question was to find out what those forces were.

The body of the essay describes the design of the study, the research method, the variables and what was measured, tells how many subjects were involved, what they did, and where the research was conducted. The study starts with a theoretical discussion and research hypotheses followed by the description of the methodology.

Then, the results of the empirical research are presented including tables and figures and conclusions are drawn.

Research paper hr practices

The researchers used a scientific method based on a number of theoretical assumptions which were then tested by analysing empirical data. The data were collected by the means of a HRM practices questionnaire distributed among a large number of affiliates.

To obtain comparable data and make the wording of the questions the most adequate and precise, the researchers solicited the assistance of four affiliate managers who acted as pilots.

The research was conducted in the U. Out of 1, distributed questionnaires were fully completed and thus served as valid comparable research sources.

The respondents were asked to judge HRM practices in their affiliates and to compare them to HRM practices in the parent company and local companies on a 5-point scale. Six different HRM practices were identified as the research subject, namely the extent of employee benefits, the amount of annual paid time off, use of bonuses in executive compensation, participation in executive decision making, gender composition and the amount of employee training.

Such factors as founding greenfield or acquisitionthe extend to which an affiliate depended on local inputs, the intensity of communication with the parent, the culture of the latter and its orientation towards control, the pressure from local institutions and governments, the nature of the industry multidomestic versus global and several others were used as independent variables.

The major findings of the research confirmed its main assumptions. First, the six HRM practices adopted by affiliates were significantly closer to local practices than to parent practices. Moreover, it was found that certain variables influenced the extent to which affiliates adopted local practices: Finally, the research showed certain differences as to parent nationality: The research yet had its shortcomings of which the authors were fully aware and which they also acknowledged.

The authors were conscious of the fact that the results of their study might well not hold for other countries. Despite its shortcomings, the article is still valuable for its findings.

It is especially useful for Americans as it allows them to scientifically compare their HRM practices to those in other countries.

Two important findings can be learned from the article. Secondly, although not coerced to do so, in general affiliates tend to adopt local HRM practices. Keep in mind that all free research project samples and research paper examples are taken from open sources — they are plagiarized and cannot be used as your own research project.

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Frequent organisational change is the norm, yet the high levels of failure indicate that effective change management remains an issue. There’s no single model of change and no single solution to effective management, but people professionals need to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to drive effective change.

May 10,  · Research Paper on HRM Practices The following essay is an analysis of the research paper “Influences on Human Resource Management Practices in Multinational Corporations” written by Philip M.

Rosenzweig and Nitin Nohria and published in the Journal of International Business Studies; 2nd Quarter, Vol.

25 Issue 2, p Our research suggests that the issues of “retention and engagement” have risen to No. 2 in the minds of business leaders, second only to the challenge of building global leadership.

Research paper hr practices

1 These concerns are grounded in disconcerting data: Gallup’s research shows that only 13 percent of all employees are “highly engaged,” and 26 percent are “actively disengaged.” 2. Accenture Strategy offers business strategy, technology strategy and operations strategy services that drive value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future.

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