Katy keene paper dolls

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Katy keene paper dolls

Publication history[ edit ] Katy Keene was introduced in Wilbur Comics 5 in the summer ofand appeared in subsequent issues of Wilbur and various anthology comic series in the s including ArchieJugheadBetty and Veronica and Ginger, eventually receiving her own title in which ran for 12 years.

In the book From Girls to Grrrlz: Having been a lifelong fan of the character, John S.

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Lucas 's art was instrumental in the revival, as his work was featured in the magazine along with other artists' and fans' work.

Archie Comics decided to revive the character themselves ingiving the character her own title by using reprint art of Woggon's as well as new art by Don SherwoodVince CollettaHy Eisman and Dan DeCarlo.

After seeing Lucas's art in the Katy Keene Fan Magazine and receiving letters from fans encouraging them to do so, Archie contacted Lucas, asking him to do the art for the revived Katy Keene Fan Club, which included pens, lapel buttons, membership cards, notepads, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.

Not long afterward, Archie brought Lucas on as regular Katy artist. In the early s, Katy once again went into retirement, except for a appearance in Archie Meets the Punisher. These ten stories were then compiled in a trade paperback, Katy Keene Model Behavior, in Supporting cast[ edit ] Katy has a redheaded, bespectacled younger sister.

In the original Woggon s series, Katy's sister was a mischievous child around seven years old and known only as "Sis, the Candy Kid". In the s, she was drawn as a tween or a young teen and received the name Melissa, but was still almost always called "Sis".

In the short-lived s series, her given name was Mackenzie. No explanation for the name change was given, although it may be due to the obscurity of the s name.

Regardless, her real name is almost never mentioned and to both readers and characters, she is always called "Sis". Originally, the s Katy was 21 years old and Sis was about seven years old.

In subsequent series, Katy is roughly the same age, but Sis was reimagined as being around 15 and has been so ever since. By this point, Katy had already been discovered in college.

After going to work as an aspiring Broadway star, she became very successful in her modeling and acting career, so she became her sister's legal guardian. Katy has had many recurring boyfriends over the years, the most famous of which are the redheaded and muscular boxer K.

Kelly and his rich blond rival Randy Van Ronson. They were not often seen regularly in the s when Katy dated the Latino airline pilot and talented dancer Ramon Ramirez and the Arnold Schwarzenegger parody Arnold Horsenlegger. Katy's rival in her career and love life is the wealthy and snobby blonde Gloria Grandbilt and her best friend is the superstitious redhead Lucki Lorelei.

Both Gloria and Lucki are also successful models, with the levelheaded brunette Katy rounding out the trio.$ , was released by the government to the public due to UN collaboration and end-of-year donation the sum of $ 50, was sent to each card It is advisable that you contact us now to receive.

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Katy Fashions paper dolls page, art by Bill Woggon. Katy Keene pinup by Bill Woggon. Untitled story, script and art by Bill Woggon; Katy dyes Gloria's hair pink in an act of sabotage but ends up creating a .

Please search by any field. You can search the company name, company description, product category, lines or booth number. You may also sort the results using the arrows to the right of each column header. Katy Keene, originated by Bill Woggon, is the best-loved and most well-known comic book paper doll.

She appeared in her own comics -- Katy Keene Charm, KK Annual, KK Glamour, KK Fashions, and others ( to ).

Katy keene paper dolls

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