Gender and status in literature english literature essay

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Gender and status in literature english literature essay

Unquestionably the privileges and equality of women is definitely an extremely debated and controversial subject.

Gender And Status In Literature British Literature Essay

Sparking a whole movements int eh twentieth century by repressed women, woman's protection under the law would become one of the biggest issues of the century. Literature is no less prone to inequality than the other varieties of artistic expression. The plight of women in the eighteenth and nineteenth decades is seen through the pages of the great literary works of the time period.

Hailed as great classical works of fiction, the authors often used the written term to express their societal repressions and restrictions. Among these authors is Jane Austen. Elevated on the fringes of British gentry, Austen's life involves life in the pages of her literature.

Pleasure and Prejudice, her second book published indetails the storyline of the Bennets and their two daughters. Depsite the seemingly lighthearted storyline and storylline, Take great pride in and Prejudice handles many difficult issues of the period including socio economic status, gender inequality, and class.

Many times over the years, the individuals have been touted as dry and humorless, yet Austen portrays the individuals in a manner that common people can relate with.

Throughout history, women will always be designed to walk three steps behind men. Regarded as the weaker and minimal sex, culture has always got demanding ideals Gender and status in literature english literature essay how women should dress, that they should act, and how they should act both publicly and privately.

Gender and status in literature english literature essay

Gender equality in the Victorian era was based on a fixed composition that was dictated by societal expectations. Traditionally women have always been place socially behind men and were expected to defer to men in every aspect of their lives.

Struggling to own properties or control their own wealth, women relied after their husbands, their fathers, or their brothers for everything.

Until the Marriage Property Action ofwomen weren't allowed any ownership and everything they owned automatically used in their husbands upon marriage.

Through the nineteenth century, it was common law that when a woman married a guy all of her property became his unless she experienced significant familial support to look after her properties. The hubby gained all rights to his wife's properties and monies.

Similarly an unmarried female could not hold property or inherit land. Early on books of the nineteenth century complete some of the frustrations these women encountered.

It is clear through literature of that time period period that "women's fortunes were normally given, along with their persons, with their husbands" Moller Okin Elizabeth Bennet spoke about the truth of marriage, women were bit more than a possesion.

The general consensus of that time period was that both went palm and hand but the good fortune must be attained first. The nineteenth century culture was a totally structured set of rulles that governed from interactions with peers and education to how one dressed and their general public tendencies.

The classes through this strictly structured society were extremely fixed with little or no upward ability to move allowed. Both gender and socially restrictive, this system clearly layed out everyone's place within the contemporary society. The aristocracy and top school were rigidly formed within these suggestions.

Lower classes weren't permitted to go up into the upper echelons of the gentry.

Gender and status in literature english literature essay

Actually, when a person of top of the class hitched beneath their train station it could reduce their status and standing up within polite soceity. Upper classes and aristocracy typically contolled all or the majority of the wealth among the people of Britain.

Along with owned by these sociable classes came anticipations that included restrictions on mannerisms, carry out, and behavior.

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In addition to being restricted based on their gender, women were also restricted based on their interpersonal standings. This dual restriction compelled women into a rigid code of patterns and placed down rules that were enforced. For a female to behave outside of this social container of appropriate tendencies supposed that she was ridiculed and outcast.

Throughout Satisfaction and Prejudice, Austen portrays these jobs of ladies in the aristocracy and gentry and she does so in a manner that most women of the time could relate with. The limitations and restrictions positioned on women during the nineteenth century greatly affected the varieties of writing throughout that time frame.

Rogers writes, "Women will always be under more pressure than men to remain within regular bounds, on paper as in conduct" Rogers The rules that society located on women for conduct and habit was likely to be referred to and displayed in everything a woman have including writing.

Greatly valued in women during that time frame was "chastity, propriety, sense of duty, and delicacy" Rogers Generally in most literary works the repression of the ladies often led to larger and more distressing storyline twists.

In nineteenth century England, society respected "privacy, timid from false intimacy, and honor ranking- at least when it moves from the impartial fount of honor and not from political favour or money grubbing" Yoder Jr.

Within the framework of Austen's small world, her characters screen manners that forecast their tendencies throughout the storyplot. These manners determine their future action and how they may be viewed by population.- A gender role in the time when British literature was being written was very important to the women history.

Women were subservient to men in most of the British literature. Some literature women had a little more power than in others. View all the English courses online with Ashford University. Determine which courses are required to achieve your Bachelor's degree in English.

His research interests include: Victorian poetry and prose; century classicism; motherhood and gender studies; and the Bible as literature.

He teaches courses including: Pursuits of English and Victorian Poetry. He recently completed the book Victorian Literature: Criticism and Debates with Anne Longmuir (Routledge, ). Literature is no less prone to inequality than any of the other forms of artistic expression.

The plight of women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries can be seen through the pages of the great literary works of the time period. Extracts from this document Introduction.

Integrated Humanities Essay: Gender Equality Gender equality can never be achieved as long as males and females are biologically different.

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