Exci 206 notes

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Exci 206 notes

Exci 206 notes

It is a development of work done in connection with a doctoral thesis on the Roman Magistri, some of the results of which are incorporated in the first chapter. For directing his attention to the Late Roman and Byzantine field of historical research, as well as for constant guidance and suggestion in the preparation of this monograph, the writer s special acknowledgments are due to Professor W.

Ferguson, of Harvard University. He is further under great obligation to Mr. Murphy, of Detroit, whose generosity has made the publication of this study pOssible.

Masters whose Functions were Primarily Religious 8 iv. The Establishment of the Office 24 ii. The Mastership from to A. The Master of the Offices and the Palace Guards.

The Master of the Offices and the Menso,es. The Master of the Offices and the State Arsenals. The Master of the Offices and the Imperial Consistory. The Ceremonial Duties of the Master of the Offices xi. Characteristics of the Mastership ix 60 63 68 74 80 82 86 89 91 98 The Roman Period ii.

Greek and Latin Texts ii. The Mastership of the Offices, too, had a long and interesting history, extending over the period from the reconstruction of Diocletian until the Latin conquest of Constantinople. From a comparatively inconspicuous beginning, by a series of additions to its competence, it became one of the most honorable and influential of the civil offices of the Empire.

Then its power began to decline as it had arisen: This was the final stage in the history of the Mastership. Not only is the story of this office interesting in itself but the study of its development also illustrates. A list of the departments of the administration under the control of this Master at the end of the first quarter of the fifth dcentury is preserved in the catalogue of the officials of the r Empire kno,vn as the Notit: Equally important information regarding the Master of the Offices in the Gothic Kingdom of Theodoric in Italy in the first part of the sixth century is afforded by the formula mag": A brief and somewhat confused sketch of the growth of the Mastership up to the time of Justinian is given in the De magistrati6us impe",: Of modern works which, directly or indirectly, are useful for the study of the Mastership of the Offices, the oldest is Gothofredus s edition of the Theodosian Code I with its learned commentaries.

Reid s chapter on the" Reorganization of the Empire" in the Camlw: These have the merit of offering the most satisfactory view of the origin of the Master s office and of putting it in its proper relation to the general reorganization of the court and the administration at the opening of the fourth century.

As important for the later history of the Mastership as the works of Seeck for the earlier period is J. What is still lacking is a complete history of the Mastership that will cover the whole period of its existence and trace clearly, 1 First published at Paris, in Ancient as well as modern historians recognized that the powers of this office at its height were the result of a long period of growth, but the tendency has been to neglect the stages of the process and consider only its results.

The works of Seeck and Bury supply the necessary corrective for two distinct epochs.


It is the aim of this study to treat the entire history of the Mastership in the spirit of these historians. It is probably a derivative from magis, and is applicable to that one of any group of individuals who has more authority than the rest. Paulus i says that it was given as a title to persons" to whom is entrusted the special superintendence of affairs, and who, above the rest, owe diligence and care to the business of which they are in charge.

It was this simple yet wide meaning of the word magIster, so closely akin to that of our own Master, that permitted its adoption as an official title in practically all branches of Roman public and private life.

The office of a Master was called a magislratus, magistracy, or, more usually, a magisterium, mastership. Magister is a Latin word not appearing in Greek until after the Roman conquest, and then as a borrowed term, in the forms ,A4yurrcp, p.

The older Latin form was magester Quint. It also appears in the form magisterare. In the bureaucracy of the Empire the title Master appears much more frequently than under the Republican regime.your book or make margi nal notes for l ater reference use. I n t he l ong run, your records may be as i mportant as the are "exci ted"-they absorb the ul tra­ SPODUMENE (Li AI Si ) occurs i n pegmatite rocks, often form­ ing l ong crystal.

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FUNDAMENTAL OPERATIONS or the reverse, is the aim of the present notes. EXERCISES 23 1 TO 11 Exercises 1 through 11 I. Construct the sets of points having for affixes: I, i, - I, - i; 0, 1,-I, (exci) (PP) (yy), yy.

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