Dkny ad analysis

Emily grabs his leash and heads through the door — all without putting on more than a pair of boots. This garners reactions from everybody she passes. In a commercial, the brunette beauty is seen waking up in bed in her underwear All white: She is affectionately greeted by her dog, who licks her - seemingly as a gesture to be taken out for a walk Bra-vo!

Dkny ad analysis

Posted on September 11, by Ahmad Aufa Bin Sharip DKNY is already known as one of the high standard brands that offers a complete lifestyle with some sense of international pulse of New York to the global customers. Just like any other luxury brands that we can see today, DKNY also emphasizes on the details of its advertisements as a mean to communicate rhetorically with the customers that seek for satisfaction in buying their products.

Be Delicious, one of the perfumes produced by DKNY is seen to have some powerful element of Kairo in its advertisement.

Dkny ad analysis

In this post, I will carefully analyze how the element of Kairo is being perfectly portrayed to appeal the attention of the consumers. Firstly, we can see that the focal point of the advertisement is the model that is being used. With the insertion of a sexual allusion in the character of the model, it somehow produces a sensual environment for the people who have a look at the advertisement.

With the addition of the sexy facial expression and body language of the model, this advertisement has strengthened up the appealing mode for the customers to buy it. A part from that, we can also see the usage of the unique shape of the perfume bottle. At a first glance, we may not notice the perfume bottle is placed on top of the green apples as it looks exactly as one of those apples.

So this is another persuasive devise is being used by DKNY that promises the scent of the perfume will go exactly as sweet as the taste of the green apple. It practically seizes the opportunity based on the carefully studied demand from the women. Living in a fabulous like New York City, as we can see a reflection of the empire state building on the perfume bottle, it is indeed a must for every woman to have a good scent as to maintain their good images.

This blog is a medium where it is meant for me to pour my thoughts and ideas about the topic which i find interesting as well as some views about rhetorical analysis.Perfume Advertisement Analysis.

I am going to analyse are both from men and woman so that I can compare the way they are arranging the texts on the ad, the way the model projects and the way they appeal the public.

The first one is from Calvin Klein’s Obsessions for men. Dkny Ad Analysis Words | 6 Pages Be Delicious Perfume by DKNY Advertisement Analysis In the competitive market America has today, all companies strive to be the number one choice for consumers out of all their competitors.

This product is quite obviously aimed at women, probably of the age A woman of any ethnicity could buy this product, however the actual advert for “Be Delicious” seems to be mostly aimed at white or black people as the models used for the moving and print ad are black or white.

Dkny Be Delicious Magazine Ad Analysis Be Delicious Perfume by DKNY Advertisement Analysis In the competitive market America has today, all companies strive to be the number one choice for consumers out of all their competitors.

Dkny ad analysis

DKNY’s Be Deliciousad is one that I found to utilize many rhetorical strategies in a subtle and effective way.I initially chose this ad because of the way the image worked to draw magazine readers in through the model’s gaze, but I discovered a plethora of other ways the ad’s image and text were effective in persuading potential consumers to consider .

Semiotic Ad Analysis of DKNY The advertisement is a two page high gloss print ad. The page on the left introduces the new line of perfume by saying; “Introducing Red Delicious.

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