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For example, an April information sheet [7] states that about 13, women have abortions following rape or incest. This figure appears to be derived from the survey percentage or from preliminary results of the survey. However, it is the product of a limited survey by an organization with a stated objective of advocating unlimited access to abortion services.

It is thus desirable to seek an independent source of such figures, such as that provided by the state reported statistics reviewed below. Evaluating this claim also involves issues of reliability of rape-related statistics.

Case study 1 who wants to

If the AGI figure for is correct, it would imply that 15, abortions in were for such cases. This is a higher fraction than appears to be supported by medical research--although this ratio does not yet account for underreporting of rapes.

According to the FBI, reported annual numbers of forcible rapes in the United States rose from about 90, in the mid s to a peak ofinthen dropped to about 89, for the years and to 84, in [9].

These figures are not strictly applicable to forcible rape but provide a useful estimate. Further, these figures carry a high degree of uncertainty, as they imply annual figures for rapes reported plus unreported ranging fromtoover this period, with large year-to-year variability.

Nonetheless, these figures may be used to estimate average annual figures for as 93, reported forcible rapes andmore unreported, ortotal per year.

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Some sources claim much larger unreported numbers. Stewart and Trussell [11] citerapes and sexual assaults reported inand additionally cite a National Women's Study which claimedrapes in The latter figure would mean 5.

The wide range in estimates of unreported rapes is evidence of the problem of quantifying these figures. Another issue is the frequency of rape-related pregnancy. Some sources claim very low frequencies, citing medical studies, and conclude that the total number of pregnancies resulting from rape each year is on the order of The most extreme claimed rates of underreporting are necessary to bring this in line with AGI's claim of 13, rape-related abortions per year.

Even higher levels of rape-related pregnancies have been claimed: Stewart and Trussell [11] cite the previously mentioned National Women's Study claiming 32, per year inand this figure is repeated by Holmes et al. Stewart and Trussell extrapolate this to 25, per year in merely by considering lower crime rates.

However, adopting the DOJ underreporting figures, average implied annual figures for are as follows: Note that these statistical approaches carry large uncertainties. Circumstances surrounding both rape and abortion prompt degrees of both underreporting and inaccurate reporting.

Regardless of the acutal rate of reporting, it is widely agreed that large numbers of rapes go unreported to authorities. Available information on reasons for abortion are generally self-reported by the abortion seeker and thus not verifiable.

Some women seeking abortion might conceal rape as the actual reason.

Case study 1 who wants to

Alternately, some women might falsely claim rape as a reason, for example to obtain funding for an abortion this appears to be an issue with federally funded abortions as discussed below.

Thus, rape-related abortion data interpretation is hampered by the particularly traumatic circumstances of such cases. Nonetheless, it will be seen below that the larger sampling in states that report figures for rape-related abortions give consistent results, supporting the reasoning for lower figures than the AGI figures.

While not a major issue in the United States, abortions for the purpose of selecting the sex of the child are quite common in Asia, where they are generally used to abort female fetuses. Several Asian countries, including the People's Republic of China, India, and South Korea, are beginning to show significant demographic impacts resulting from such practices.

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India and the PRC have both been compelled to legislate against sex-selection abortions despite their otherwise broad support of abortion practice. The authors of the study discuss a variety of health factors that could influence this ratio.Get written explanations for tough Probability questions, including help with "case who wants to be a millionaire.".

A case in point: the TV broadcasts of Premier League soccer. The English Premier League, which is one of the most lucrative broadcasting sports franchises in Europe, if not the worl has for years segmented Europe into different national markets, chargi different prices for %(3).

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This case study explores Muji’s branding, how it’s reflected throughout the company, and what there is to learn from Muji. Muji was founded in as a private brand under Japanese.

hi, i've asked for help with a case study once before and was give excellant advice! in fact, i got an a on it. so, thank you! now i have another due. we're winding up the semester and i'd love to. thank you a student who wants to be a nurse really (really). Read all customer case studies and success stories, powered by the AWS cloud.

AWS provides cloud computing services to hundreds of thousands of customers. Case Study # 1 1. Joe, year old apparently healthy male who is just visiting friends, wants to complete a cardiovascular workout at your facility.

While meeting with him, he confesses that he takes medication because he has an irregular heartbeat. He mentions that he usually exercises three times per week at a moderate intensity and usually .

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