An review of the play a man for all seasons by robert bolt

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An review of the play a man for all seasons by robert bolt

Teachers can modify the movie worksheets to fit the needs of each class. This film presents a limited and uncritical view of Sir Thomas More.

Because of its inaccuracies and omissions, the film has been strongly criticized by Richard Marius, author of a respected biography of More.

However, many people disagreed with us and felt that the story of a man who gave up everything for a principle could serve as a valuable teaching tool. In addition, we are informed that the film is widely used for this purpose by teachers in England. After reading several biographies of More and much reflection, we agree with both the proponents and the critics of this film.

As a result of its historical inaccuracies "A Man for All Seasons" is not a film to simply show or recommend with the implication that "this is the way it was. However, the film can become a useful teaching tool if some of the inaccuracies and omissions are brought out and discussed.

In addition, the real Thomas More was one of the most interesting and, with the exception of his persecution of heretics, one of the most admirable men who ever lived. Educated people should know of his career, his literary works, and his martyrdom.

An review of the play a man for all seasons by robert bolt

For a brief description of the more egregious historical inaccuracies in this film see Some of the Substantial Historical Inaccuracies of this Film. Then focus on the following three points. He was a giant of the Renaissance, having written Utopia, one of its most influential books.

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In addition, More was an excellent lawyer, a wise judge, an able administrator, a peacemaker, a caring father, a loyal friend, a dutiful and loving son, and a man of charity who shared his wealth with the less fortunate. His only major failing was that he was also a religious bigot who persecuted heretics and, as a judge, ordered them burned at the stake.

Before the reign of Henry VIII, England had been ravaged by civil war as two great aristocratic houses fought for the throne. These were called the "Wars of the Roses". Almost every Englishman wanted to avoid this. Catherine had not given Henry a son. See Helpful Background section relating to this point.

The analysis of this film is fairly academic.

Selected Awards, Cast and Director: Best Supporting Actor Shaw. Divorce was not permitted by the Catholic Church. The only way the King could get himself a new wife without being excommunicated by the Pope was to obtain an annulment of his marriage.

The annulment of the marriage of a king had to be approved by the Pope. In chess they call that checkmate. Since he appointed the highest clerical official, the Archbishop of Canterbury, he made sure that he appointed someone who would support the annulment of his marriage to Catherine.

However, when he tired of Anne Boleyn, he had another problem. Another annulment risked losing the support of the English people. No one would believe it. So, Henry came up with a new plan. He falsely accused Anne Boleyn of adultery and packed the court with his cronies. Adultery by a queen is treason, a capital offense.

Anne Boleyn, like Thomas More, lost her head and Henry was able to marry again. His wife of 16 years, Catherine of Aragon, bore him a healthy daughter, but their sons were either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

Entranced by the young and vivacious Anne Boleyn, and convinced that she would bear him a son, the King sought to annul his marriage to Catherine.Get the latest sports news from Free A Man of the People papers, essays, and research papers.

The latest in the series of 'Doodle' artworks has been created to mark what would have been the 78th birthday of synthesiser creator Robert Moog. Pericles: A Man of the People - Pericles was born in Athens to an aristocratic family roughly in BC (Lewis). His father, Xanthippus, was a military leader in the battle of Mycale in BC where the last vestiges of Xerxes’ fleet were defeated (Halsall).

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