An argument in favor of college students exercising at the miami dade south track facility

Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair Dr.

An argument in favor of college students exercising at the miami dade south track facility

Even more important is the fad that the improved security position has given the Is- raelis renewed confidence in the nation's ability to defend itself, a confidence that has been heiqhtened by the dismal failure so far of the Arab saaotaoe attacks to inflict any military discdvantaqe on Israel.

Several scores of Israelis have been killed end wounded by terrorists, mainly in border creas, but hundreds of terrorists have been killed and more than a thousand were captured end are in Israeli prisons. Israelis also now feel that time is workinq: The fact is the technolcaical qap be- tween the Arabs and Israel is increasinq.

As technolcqy becomes ever more important in Israel's defense structure, the nation's security. Of course, much will depend on Israel's acquiring sophisticated hardware to maintain: Fcr this she will heve to look increasingly to the United States and one can only hope that the expressions of err"mitmnt to support the lewish State voiced bv both Presidential candidates will not be for- gotten after the elections.

Little has occurred to bolster the validity of these hopes but our prayers fcr the cominq year can cer- tainly focus on the welfare of our brethren in Communist lands.

Rabbi Levin's visit made quite plain th3 fact that our fellow Jews in the Soviet Union are still not tree to express th r sense of identi- fication with Jews everywhere and they con- tinue to suffer repression in their reliqious edu- cational and cultural life.

Nearly two years ago a Soviet spokesman promised that Je'3 in the Soviet Union would be allowed to rejoin their families in other lands. Today that pledge remains unfulfilled. One of the most disturbirq events in Euro- pean Jewish life has been the revival of thJ centuries-old teebniaue usd often bv the Nozii which blamed the Jews for the economic or social failures of the coun'rv.

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Zionists and Jews were attached aaain. In our pravers for the Hiah Holv Days, we must stress our concern and our hone tb-t.May 24,  · CBS Miami’s Oralia Ortega reports.

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Apr 17,  · Miami-Dade County, the bridge owner, and the Cities of Miami and Miami Beach requested the daily twice an hour operating schedule for both bridges be changed to include weekends and Federal holidays.

This should provide relief to the increase vehicle traffic congestion on the weekends while meeting the reasonable needs of navigation. The County hoped that the medallion system would serve as “an incentive for the taxi driver, who frequently constitutes a traveler’s first and last impression of Miami-Dade County, to provide courteous, safe and efficient transportation service” in a very busy tourist destination.

Miami-Dade County Jail, Miami, FL a case before the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, a proposed class of students and a non-profit youth services organization allege that two state laws – the disturbing schools statute and the disorderly conduct statute – are unconstitutionally vague.

On September 17, The Jewish Floridian Physical Description: 63 v.: ; Language: English Publisher: Miami SOUTH DADE LODGE No.

MORRIS GUCKMAN S S.W rd St. FREEDOM LODGE No. I servicemen and college students in the Greater Miami area who are unable to get home, to worship at. Dec 13,  · It was set up as an committee that has semi-judicial powers and it is independent of all other government offices in the county for the purpose of maintaining its ability to look into the ethical practices of government offices with an unbiased view (Miami

An argument in favor of college students exercising at the miami dade south track facility
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