An analysis of the protective gear in the safety of hockey sport

Football Concussion Statistics November 4, — Rightfully so as well. The incidences and the injuries are significantly increasing.

An analysis of the protective gear in the safety of hockey sport

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Extensive experience in the identification, elimination and control of hazards to people and property. Lectured and taught at various universities in the United States and Europe. Evaluated the cause of many brain injuries as a result of accidents nationally and internationally. Published and presented papers in the areas of fires, explosions gas, bottle, batteryplastics, toxic torts, flammable fabrics, safety engineering and design, sports safety, household and industrial product safety, industrial equipment, warnings and instructions for both industrial and consumer products.

Patentee of many products, including protective headgear face mask used in football - licensed to Riddellenhancement of energy absorption for protective headgear and equipment, safety shields for batteries, insulation materials used on missiles, household products, and non-toxic insect repellents worldwide.

Copyright Registrations in the areas of battery warnings and instructions, toxic materials, household products and insect repellents. Experienced in animal and human health products, new product development, EPA, product data specifications, testing and analysis.

Member of the ASTM, present. Over publications and presentations. Patentee of products produced and used throughout the world over Consulted to the Department of Agriculture Bureau of Mines. Consulted to Home Depot in risk assessment and human factors.

Consulted to Big Lots Stores, Inc. Consulted to Estwing Manufacturing Co. A Japanese manufacturer of material handling equipment such as mechanical and electric lift tables.

An analysis of the protective gear in the safety of hockey sport

Preparation of warnings and instructions for lifts and creations of warnings and instructions for service and user manuals Consulted to CBS TV News, New York on Analysis of the safety protocol related to retail stores and stacking shelves with merchandise.

Consulted to Tylo Helo Tyl? Consulted to Landscape Forms, Inc. Experienced in the identification, elimination, and control of hazards in recreation facilities, parks and school environments.

Evaluated and tested every type of protective headgear in contact and collision sports. Consulted on a large number of brain injury cases in contact and collision sports and have made presentations at national and international conventions in the area of concussive and sub-concussive brain injuries.

Training and experience extends over 47 years of national and international exposure to sub-concussive and concussive brain injuries to children and adults in contact and collision sports.

Training and experience extends over 47 years of national and international exposure to sub-concussive and concussive brain injuries to children and adults involved in slip, trips and falls and other types of personal injuries in the United States, Canada and Europe. Has been involved as one of three delegates to the ISO International Standards Organization with 15 other countries that created safety standards for protective helmets in the sport of hockey worldwide.

Has been invited as a guest speaker to a large number of national conventions involving head and brain injuries in sports. Has presented scientific papers at international and national technical meetings involving concussions and sub-concussive brain injuries.

Is the sole author of several peer reviewed articles on concussive brain injuries. Has a number of patents involving commercialized headgear that had determined to be the most universal protective headgear ever invented. Member of the ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials from to the present time creating safety standards for every type of contact and collision sport.

Has observed a number of autopsies in which head and brain injuries were involved with the demise of the individual. Has been directly involved with the creation of every safety standard relating to protective headgear used in both contact and collision sports and every type of recreational activity involving the use of headgear.SportTechie is the world’s leading resource devoted to the intersection of sports and technology.

With a renewed emphasis on concussion awareness, USA Hockey, under the direction of Stuart and Dr. Alan Ashare, chair of USA Hockey’s Safety & Protective Equipment Committee, has adopted a concussion management program.

“The important thing with a concussion is to recognize it and handle it,” Ashare says. A new study, “Epidemiology of Upper Extremity Injuries in NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey” published online on July 5, in The American Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that ice hockey players and those who treat them should be aware of the high propensity for upper extremity injuries in the sport.

Optimal Safety: Getting The Right Hockey Gear Hockey offers a host of benefits, including teamwork, sportsmanship and improved physical fitness. But playing the game comes with risk: according to UPMC, the number of youth hockey injuries has doubled in the last 15 years.

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Why use a helmet? Helmets are useful as safety gear to prevent injuries in an uncontrolled environment. If you can't prevent a crash or impact, but you know it will occur, a helmet can prevent or minimize injury to the head and brain.

A protective eye mask for sports use, without a helmet, includes one or more substantially horizontal frame members forming an eye mask frame, defining a cage to protect an area around a user's eyes, the eye mask frame having at least an upper frame segment and a lower frame segment, the frame members having an inside facing towards the user's eyes and an outside facing away therefrom; one or.

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