Agency workers

Agency workers — what you need to know This advice applies to England Print Who is an agency worker You are an agency worker if you have a contract with an agency but you work temporarily for an employer. You might also be called a temp. You will be an agency worker if all the following things apply to you:

Agency workers

What is an agency worker? An agency worker is someone with a special working arrangement. An agency worker has a contract with an agency.

The agency sends the agency worker on suitable assignments. An agency may Agency workers be referred to as a temporary work agency, recruitment agency, staffing company or employment business.

Agency workers

For more information on this sector, please visit GOV. UK - Charge fees as an entertainment and modelling agency. Understanding the employment status of an agency worker There are three main types of employment status.

The employment status can usually be found in the contract. However, how the relationship works in practice is what will determine the actual employment status. Workers Many agency workers are classed as workers. Workers have some employment rights such as paid holiday and the National Minimum Wage.

They will usually have few obligations, and may usually decline work offered to them. Employees Some agency workers are classed as employees. Employees are employed under a contract of service or contract of employment. However employees also have more obligations to the agency than workers.

For example, employees may have to accept work offered to them and be available to work a minimum amount of hours each week. Self-employed If an agency worker is genuinely self-employed they will work under a contract for service.

Agency workers

They are often referred to as contractors. They do not have employment rights and have fewer obligations to the agency than an employee or a worker.

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For example, the right to be paid even if the agency has not been paid by the hiring organisation. However working under these protections can indicate the agency worker is not genuinely self-employed and could impact their tax liability.

When registering with an agency a self-employed agency worker should confirm in writing if they wish to opt-out of the regulations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an agency worker? The advantages of being an agency worker can include. Working in lots of different places. Trying different types of work. Gaining work experience and learning new skills quickly. Greater chance of flexibility to work at times that suit personal needs.

The possibility of permanent employment in the future if they impress the hiring organisation. The disadvantages of being an agency worker can include.Agency worker law refers to a body of law which regulates the conduct of employment agencies and the labour law rights of people who get jobs through them.

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