2.06 making friends writing assignment format

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2.06 making friends writing assignment format

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I just didn't know where to start. When I was a first year teacher, feels like so long ago, I was completely lost when it came to putting my lessons on paper.

You know those big plan books, with the boxes? They never worked for me I tried but I just always felt like I wanted some parameters. Nothing against those teachers who used them but I was always frustrated. I also tried those LONG, lesson plan formats that they make you do when your getting your degree.

I was a bit lost as to how to document my lessons.

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The best part was that in two pages, sitting next to each other, I had a whole of lesson plans. I fell in LOVE with this format right away. It was to easy to plan after that.

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I could also write in the writing prompt for the day or just page numbers of work pages, anthologies, anything! I wrote in what I wanted to cover daily so that I could once again check them off if I was planning on doing that activity.

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It was not easy at first. The margins were tricky too, but once you had a basic layout it was not that hard.

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I even get to use change my fonts. What I learned was that I liked doing this. It sounds crazy but I liked it a lot.

2.06 making friends writing assignment format

I have even been know to change the format quarterly. It was a bit more complex when I switched from a gen ed first grade teacher to ELL teacher, but I was able to transfer some pieces of my old template, which I liked so much.

2.06 making friends writing assignment format

So I decided to post some generic templates for you all to download. However I do want to post something for you all.Write three sentences about yourself using a verb from the above list (use the “yo” (I)form of the verb).

Write three sentences about a friend (use the “ él or ella” (he/she) form). Write three sentences about you and a friend (use the “ nosotros/nosotras ” (we) form).

PK Demonstrate appropriate social classroom behavior. Describe approaches for making and keeping friends.

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Analyze ways to work effectively in groups. of elementary and secondary education must be provided free of charge to all students, such as textbooks, paper, writing implements and computers if their use is part.

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These findings are supported by the qualitative data. When interviewed, students reported making heavy use of a computer for communication, but that was secondary to their use of the computer for schoolwork.

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First, a little background about the company in question, World Financial Group.

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